Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Uh Oh Bunny!

I'm glad I didn't write this post yesterday. Why? Because yesterday, I was INFURIATED!!

... and that's putting it mildly...

You know how there are times when you get upset and it almost seems like you're yelling at someone that's not even the problem? Like, you're talking to your husband about what happened practically knocking him over because you're SO worked up over it, but it's not even his fault?

Poor McStudly.

That's how I was on the phone with him yesterday as he was filling me in...

As many of you know, we've been having a teeny (ha!) bit of work done around the house, lately, due to "The Incident". Well, said work around the house, though stressful at times (meaning like 95% of the time, but who's counting?!) has been slowly progressing.

Yesterday morning, the painters arrived. It was finally starting to feel like things were getting done! We picked out this grey-beige color for the Master Bedroom, a color called "biscuit" for the hallway/stairway, and a color for the living room that they aren't actually painting... bu we got a little carried away. *bats eyelashes*

It was FINALLY happening! That BLUE (not "blue"... "BLUE!") color on our bedroom walls was finally going to be g-o-n-e, and those awful, sorry-excuse-for-a-patch-job spots weer going to disappear under our fresh coat. Gone forever!

Alas, things are never so simple.

I talk to McStudly around Noon-ish, and he informs me that me much anticipated bedroom color looks like a lavender purple color instead. *sigh* But maybe it'll go away aw it dries... our bathroom color looked pink while we were painting, but now hasn't the tiniest hint of pink in it. So I remained hopeful.

On my way to Physical Therapy, I talk to him again. He was now returning how where the painters were gone for the day.

Lord help us all... I wish I had pictures.

DISCLAIMER: I am well aware of the fact that some of this may sound petty. It's stuff that's very easy for me to get over, and, in fact, and not nearly as tiffed about today as I was yesterday. But the fact of the matter is that these people are professionals. They do this stuff for a living. They were subcontracted out to paint, and so you'd think they would do a good, professional job of that, right? So this is where the majority of my frustration comes in, and some things may seem a bit forgivable. But for someone who's lived in a pathetic mess of a house for almost a month... I am ready for this to be over, and I anticipate those involved to do a thorough job!

McStudly arrives home to find trash left on our floor. No... not typical "we just painted your house" trash - I mean they left their candy bar wrappers and lunch trash ON OUR FLOOR! Yeah... that's just super professional, now, isn't it?

It gets better. And I'll even say it slowly for you, so you can really get the full effect.

There. Is. Paint. On. Our. Hardwood. Kitchen. Floor!!

There were spots of paint in at LEAST 10 places on the floor. I stopped counting then, because that's when I found paint on our STAINLESS STEEL trashcan. You know - one of those $130 ones that you buy at Bed Bath & Beyond so that your insanely curious dog can't get it open?

Yeah. That one.

FYI - the ONLY thing they even PAINTED downstairs was the ceiling. It's not like they had to maneuver around all of this furniture or anything...

Oh yeah. All of our furniture was left in a pile on TOP of each other in the middle of the living room floor. No, that's okay. We don't LIVE here, or anything. We can just sit right on TOP of our PAINTING!

So let's take a walk upstairs, shall we?

*this one is my fault*

My bedroom color is purple. There's no getting around it. It looks like it's about to be turned into a friggin' baby girl's nursery!! Oy that sucks. So McStudly and I will be painting our Cathedral bedroom ourselves, this time...

... this is where we continue even more...

There's no clean line. I mean, you know that clean line you expect from professional painters? Where there's a clean distinction between wall and ceiling? Or, heck, wall and baseboard? Yeah. Not there. It's on the ceiling, the baseboards... it's very... umm... purple in there.

But don't worry, they painted the top half of our LIGHT SWITCH to match it!

That pretty nice little touch-pad that can turn the fan up and down, as well as dimming the light? Yeah... they got friggin' paint on that too... and the electrical sockets. So don't worry - it may be purple, but at LEAST it's coordinated?!?!

And it's a freaking good thing we're getting new carpet, cause there's paint on the floor up there, too... in several places.

My favorite part? You ready for it?

You remember that brand new bedroom furniture that we bought just a few months back? Yeah. You guessed it - paint on the edge of the headboard and along the mirror on the dresser (at least it appears they were nice enough to at least attempt to wipe it off for us).

How thoughtful. *blank stare*

And... there's paint splattered on the glass of one of the bedroom windows.

I'm just so irritated!!!

So this morning, one of the guys returned to finish the job - you know, paint the hallway, etc. We didn't say anything to him - because he was kind've strange. OH... I TOTALLY forgot to mention what happened with him the first day. But let's just say that my dog apparently could moonlight as a drug dog, cause this dude WAY smelled he just smoked a doobie, and Austin did NOT appreciate that (nor did I!). But what can you say to someone like that? I'm not all that intimidating in person. Over the phone I can hash it out with the best of them, but when they look at me, I lose all momentum.

Anywho - he returned this morning to finish the job (minus the mary-j cologne, this time). But we discovered why my bedroom may look purple -

He started painting the hallway... MINUS PRIMER! He never primed it! Remember how dark my blue walls were? No WONDER it looks purple. youfrigginidiots

Needless to say, the minute he walks out of my house today (McStudly's supposed to call me) I will be calling the company that subcontracted to them.


So go ahead. Let me have it. I know some of that was completely ridiculous, but the camel can only hold so much straw - eventually... even the lightest littlest feather can break it.

And I'm pretty sure I had a LOT of feather weighing that puppy down!


So I need advice - what would you do? what would you have done during the painting? What should I have done differently, or what should I say when I call the main contractors?


April E. :) said...

Whatever you say. Whatever you do. Don't hold back. This is YOUR home...and they didn't do their job right or even well. It MUST be fixed. Stand your ground!

Unknown said...

Holy. Crap. I am so freakin' irritated just READING about this! I would have (A) made Mister Mary Jane leave my house and tell him to have his manager/owner/whatever call me stat. (or else my Big D probably would have pummeled him LOL). And I would definitely BITCH them out! You need to tell them (just like April E. said) that they NEED TO COME BACK and re-do the job at NO COST TO YOU and at that the company WILL send different (i.e. MORE PROFESSIONAL) painters to do the job. That is just totally unacceptable! Have you paid in full yet? If not, I would WITHOLD the remainder of your payment until you get the finished product you should have gotten.

*PHEW!* I need to take a breath now. LOL

Lindsey said...

Oh my gosh, how annoyingly frustrating!!! I agree with April - hold your ground!!

Kelly said...

Wow! Don't just let it slide. This is not okay and I would be so upset as well.GL and keep us posted.

Malia Kell Photography said...

If anything at all, regain some of that anger you had yesterday and MAKE SURE they know you're not going to stand for this, you will not being paying for this to be done again, (because it was obviously their fault) take pictures to prove it to them if they ask...dont' clean anything up...(I would have left even the trash on the floor) that is COMPLETELY unacceptable!!! absolutely DISGUSTING if you ask me! You have to demand that they send other contractors to your home too, and that if you see one familiar face you'll send them back and wait for someone new to arrive before they begin to redo the work. That is unbelievable..it makes MY blood boil Sarah! OY! I wish I was there...I'd rip them a new one!

The Mrs. said...

I hope to goodness you get your money back AND your walls repainted. By someone else.

I would be insane if I were you.

d.a.r. said...

Get your money back and your walls repainted. Have them compensate you for the damage they've done==trashcan, carpeting, furniture, etc. Threaten small claims court. Take pictures of EVERYTHING immediately.

Good luck, what a nightmare!!