Friday, June 12, 2009

Hold Up!

For all of you military wives/fiances/family members out there, I thought I'd share a little story that happened to McStudly and I yesterday. Oh boy...

So as many of you know, McStudly has decided to re-enlist in the US Air Force, which means I will be a military wife for at least another 4 years. Woot woot!!

Since today was his official 1st day back, and the day on which he'd be recommitting his oath ("I pledge to uphold the Constitution of the United States of American on lands both foreign and domestic..." - you know the drill.), he needed to get his hair cut. All fine and well, right?!

We had been running around all afternoon - picking up our living room furniture, putting in our order for the bathroom vanity stuff, finally buying our lamp for the living room (which ended up being a dud, but that's a story for another day), so we figured we'd go ahead and get it done. We swoop into the Hair Cuttery and he goes right back, while I wait with the strange little girl reading Dr. Seuss aloud to the entire store. I sat contented to stare at the wall of hair products, too expensive to imagine, and wait for him to be finished.

Well, after about 10-15 minutes, they're done. He heads up to the counter to pay, where I join him... (wait for it)... in typical military-wife fashion, I ask: "Do you guys offer military discounts?"

(I can't be the only one who does this everywhere, right?! I mean... don't you guys ask? There's no harm in asking, is there? People DO offer it.)

Her response TOTALLY pissed me off... you have NO idea. McStudly had to step in before I blurted out something I may or may not have regretted. and you have to know her body language was NOT that of an innocent answer - hence my utter irritation.

Homegirl replies: "No..." wait for it... "THAT'S why they have their own place [pause] ON the base." Her ghetto-neck jerkin' and ALL!

*Jaw drops*

Oh no she did NOT!

I glared her DOWN!! I did not look away, but to ensure that McStudly was aware of my utter peev-edness... then RIGHT back to burn holes in her head. She had to know she made a big mistake. She wouldn't look back at me.

I am SOO sorry that we didn't stay in our own little military world so that you didn't have to deal with someone as obtrusive as us. God forBID you just give me a simple "No, we don't" and move on with it. Oh no - you just HAD to make sure and include your personal opinion of those who work God-awful hours, AWAY from their families, just to make sure that YOU have a country in which you can witch and moan about how much you dislike them and their service for you. Yeah - keep it up, honey. And see if I don't have more words for you and your big mouth. Go ahead...

*breathing heavily*

Sorry. I bet you can't tell how much she tiffed me with that. Excuse me?! Seriously?! I'm sorry... she must have been JOKING!

So As I was glaring her down, McStudly smiled and thanked her again. Laughed at her "joke" politely and we walked out the door. As SOON as every last inch of me was outside of that propped-open door, I was sure to make sure and tell McStudly what I thought. And no - I was NOT quiet about it.

to McStudly: "That was just UNNN-called for."

McStudly (trying to play it off and cool me down): "what?!"

"You know, what. She did NOT need to be like that. It was a SIMPLE question and it needed a SIMPLE answer. She didn't need to be a WITCH about it."

McStudly: [laughing] "Oh stop."

What would YOU have done? Whether you're military or not how would you have responded in a similar situation? For those of you with police officers for spouses, do you ask if discounts are offered (you should!!)? How would you have handled it?

I'm glad I didn't say anything, because I'm sure I would've felt bad later. But I am NOT sorry that I glared homegirl down. That was just unnecessary.

Seriously, people. Have some respect - I didn't ask her anything more than a simple question with a smile on my face. Just because you woke up on the wrong side of the FREE COUNTRY doesn't mean you need to take it out on me and my Airman!

Am I the only one??


The Mrs. said...

yeah that would have annoyed me. And you know flyboy probably would have had your husbands reaction, but stuff like that just pushes me over the edge. a simple no would have worked. But then again for the repeat business, does a little discount hurt them?

April E. :) said...

Well, I will say this. Sometimes there are battles not worth fighting...cause there are just ignorant people in this world. It's the same in with the police force. It's just not some peoples top priority to have respect for those to serve, till they NEED them. Sad, but true.
I would just skip their business from now on...and use word of mouth to do the same.

April E. :) said...
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Courtney said...

haha!! Your reaction cracked me up! But I probably would've responded the exact same way!

d.a.r. said...

Holy heck. I would have been having a conniption fit. Seriously, couldn't she just have said "Sorry, nope!". Bitch.

But Z would have done the exact same thing...not wanting to cause a scene he would have just shot me "the look" that says "calm down, vent about it later, please please please don't freak out".

I probably wouldn't have said anything except, "wow, that was incredibly rude". Ha! I know it's awful, but I refuse to be talked to like that and I have no problem telling people that they are offensive.

Sarah said...

an I would have gotten upset too! I ask all the time" do you offer law enforcement discounts"

Angie said...

Hey, How about a Mother finding out "via blog"... I knew the thought was there but had no idea. Oh well. Good luck with it. It is a steady job.......just hope there is no deployment in the future huh? Lpve you both.

Lindsay Gray said...

When people say things like that I usually do one of two things:

1) pretend like I didn't hear them and say "Excuse me?" and give them a chance to change what they said. If they repeat it, it's given me enough time to think of a good response that is both calm and coherent.


2) exactly what you did.

Some people are stupid. Enough said.

Heather @ Simple Wives said...

My word, the rudeness of people can be amazingly stupid sometimes. I would have been the same way!

Lindsay said...

My hubby probably would have had to drag me out of there too :)

rebecca said...

DAAAAANG! You got Miss Sass on a bad day there. I'd have slapped her. Ok, maybe not, but I would have glared a hole through her thick head.

Kate Craig said...

hey there - found you through 20 something bloggers. My husband's new to the Air Force so I've been shy about asking, so far I've just been asking about the big stuff.

I would have been way too shocked to say anything!