Friday, May 23, 2008

But teacher... my dog ate my -


No really, though. He really really did. Luckily it's working (kinda) for now. And we're not planning on replacing it anytime soon, though I would LOVE that. But I wish I could should you a picture of just how bad it is.

For those of you that don't know, I have an Orange EnV, from Verizon. I heart this phone. Or... I heartED this phone. Becuase now, I can't use it!! I can use ONLY the buttons on the outside/front of the phone. The keypad inside?! Out of use... I can hit any button on the left, and it pushes "7". I hit any button on the top or the right, and it connects me to the internet.


I love my dog, but now I can't use my phone. I'm sad. :-(

**For those willing to make donations to the "help Sarah Replace her Phone" fund, please make checks payable to Sarah Puhl, and leave comments with desire to forward cold, hard, loving cash. You will be contacted with the drop time.**

And NOW - the moment you've ALL been waiting for!!!

Random Happier Thoughts!!!

Yes that's right - this weekend is a 3 DAY WEEKEND!!! *applause applause applause*

Thank you... thank you...

AND Some of you lucky ducks get a shortened Friday, too! Wait... what's that?! I'm a lucky duck? ROCK ON!!! I get off at *drumroll* 2 O'CLOCK today! woot woot

AND Myanmar junta finally agreed to let all aid workers help the Cyclone victims. Awesome!!

Now I must admit... American Idol took me by surprise, and I heard it took David Cook by surprise, too. I think we ALL thought David Archeleta (sp?) was going to win, but he didn't. Whatever - they're still going to sign him, and he's still going to put out a CD, right?! Sounds good to me! ;-)

Blah blah blah.
So... today will hopefully go by quickly. I mean - I've already been here for about 1..2..3... just over 2 hours. And I only have about 4 to go! SCORE! It's really jsut one of those days (as I believe it is with any holiday weekend. Your boss hands you a one page, double-spaced, size 20 font document, and you're tempted to say "I'm sorry, I can't type this one page, double-spaced, size 20 font document - I only have 4 hours left! Just can't be done..."
But You do it anyways. Typing one line... then adding a little something to your blog... then typing the second line... then adding a little something to your blog... third line... checking e-mail... 4th line... doodling...

You finally realize that 3 1/2 hours have passed, and Oh shucks! It's almot time to go!! Poor little document never knew what hit it. You typed faster than Auntie Em in a Cyclone and them BAMMM! You're SO ready to go home and you watch the clock...



ttiiiiiccccckkkkk (what the heck?!)


tiiiicccckkkkkkkk (oh for the Love of Pete)


And it goes on. Just as a watched pot never boils, so a watch clock never FRIGGING STRIKES QUITTIN' TIME!!!

*queue sappy orchestra music*

And so are the days of our lives...

Memorial Day

So this weekend, we rememorialize (???) those who have served our country. Some have died, some still live on, and some still fight even today. It's not about what you believe, and it's not about your opinion. It's about these people giving of themselves for YOU and YOUR family. Not all have had to serve overseas, but every Soldier, every Airman, every Seaman, every Marine has sacrificed something for you - time with their family, a comfortable place to sleep, a chance to "live it up" like we all do - they've each given something of themselves for us.

I know some have served for the wrong reasons, a political agenda, or for no reason at all but to pay for their schooling. Whatever the reason, they still served.

So while I'm busy trying to convince McStudly to wear his dress blues to church on Sunday so that I can stare at his rear in those FANTASTICLY fitted navy blue pants when the Pastor asks for everyone serving in the military to stand and be recognized
(deep, dreamy breath... *sigh*), y'all show some support this weekend. Even if it's just a "Thanks man" high-five. Go for it! Connect four! (sorry... I had to. It's one of those automatic brain responses... blame the lame game commercials of the 90s. and PS - how was THAT for an alliteration?! Rock on again!!)

Peace out, homies!! And Word to the military! ;-)



April E. :) said...

Gesh you are right your fonts are all jacked up. Sorry wish I could be of more help!! And that sucks about the phone...seriously!

Cory E. :) said...

I would donate to you phone fund but you are the one bringing in all the "Jack".