Friday, May 30, 2008

Themed Weddings

Okay - so by now most of you have heard about Ashlee Simpson/Pete Wentz awesome Alice & Wonderland themed wedding. TOO cute and I absolutely LOVED their cake (though I honestly wouldn't even know where to begin cutting the thing). Check it out in today's People magazine. Love it!!

Also - somehting many of you did NOT know about me... I secretly dream of becommuing a Professional Wedding Planner. Seriously! No of any stressed out brides, or soon to be, that need any help?? I'm SO there!! (and Jamily, too! We work well together dreaming up weddings.) :-D

Now - for today's blog, I thought I'd go through different styles of Themed Weddings. Some you should steer WAY clear of and others you will TOTALLY wish you had been invited.

So without further adieu, I give you... Themed Weddings.

Now to start, here's one to stay away from. It doesn't seem like this couple went TOO Far out in their planning, but still - I could never, in good conscious, attend a Star Wars themed wedding. Sorry!

Now - it could be pretty cool to have a Renaissance (sp?) themed wedding IF done well. And I'm afraid that this is NOT an example of one that has been "done well".

This next wedding is gorgeous - simple and elegant. Good rule of thumb, you can't really go wrong with a season-themed wedding (it's possible, but... not easily done). See below: a Fall themed wedding.

Another unique wedding idea that can be both super cute and WAY not cute. A Great Gatsby themed wedding.

Please. Please please please do not do this to yourself. I don't have the wedding picture, but this "wedding dress", if you can really call it that, is from a Butterfly themed wedding. Okay - maybe a butterfly themed "Sweet 16" or something, but a wedding? Come on, now. The Theme sounds cool, but my focus is totally on this dress - spare us all... for the sake of all mankind.

I'm not even going to say anything about this next one - Pantomime Themed wedding. Just... don't do it to yourselves.

(I lied - I'm going to say something else) Please be sure to remove all hair curlers, and keep breasts safely tucked away to avoid the wedding coming to a sudden an complete crashing halt!! Thank you.

I don't know what the theme of this next wedding actually is, but to me it appears to be a Gentleman and his Vegas Show Girl ?!?!

This next one is a Fantasy themed wedding. I guess they were mixing ALL of the movies together, and allowing an "anything goes" type of atmosphere. Please do NOT try this at home. And PS - if I ever see you dresses as a robot at a wedding I attend, please know that I will probably never speak to you again. (This one has a story to follow the picture. Please read... and then sit in amazement with me.)

Jonathan Wollack dressed as "Star Wars" bounty hunter Boba Fett, while fiancée Rose Coe was dressed as Sarah from the movie "Labyrinth."
Midway through the Louisville couple's sci-fi/fantasy-themed wedding the ordained minister, dressed as an Imperial Officer, asked if there were any objections to the marriage. From the back of the crowd, another Boba Fett yelled, "Yes!" rushed to the stage and pushed Wollack aside. He then lifted his helmet to reveal his true identity: Jeremy Bulloch, the actor who portrayed Boba Fett in some of the "Stars Wars" movies!

*shaking head in utter embarrassment*

No words can describe this next one - a Fantastic Four themed wedding (stop rubbing your eyes, you read it right) - except that if you happened to go to the Festival of Lights one certain year at the Heritage Community Church, then you, as well as I, have seen a much better Wonder Woman.

I wouldn't do this next one, if I were you, BUT the cake is pretty cool - a big shout out to the creator... though it seems more like an idea for a birthday than a wedding. A Nintendo Wedding.

I must say - these are getting less and less predictable as we go on.

Minus the nightmare-stirring dragon, this cake is pretty coolio.

This British Gangster wedding seems pretty fun... but I mainly like how "the muscle" is comprised of the skinny groomsmen. ha ha

Mr. Spok... I .... can't.... believe.... someone...... would.... do.... this........

Oh nooo they didn't. Check out these Klingon newlyweds.

This next one is DEFINITELY one I would look forward to showing my kids when they are old enough to understand that their parents are COMPLETE FREAKS!!! And of course when they'll be old enough to sleep through the night without waking up screaming from terrifying nightmares of their living dead parents walking zombily (??) into their room...

This next cake is really cool (you have to click on it to see it's real genius), but I'm really hoping that the wedding party wasn't dressed like the little lego people. Here's to hoping!! A Lego themed wedding.

Hmm... this one is weird. It's the Green Knight... apparently having something to do with Christmas. ??? (and yes... it is actually from a wedding)

A Super Mario themed wedding. I only know ONE person in the world cool enough to pull off something like this (Ben Ashley!), and I'm not sure if even he would do it. But cool cake, eh?

This one could also be pretty neato-torpedo (pun intended) if done right. It's a Wartime wedding.

I'll end here, with this next one. But there will SOOOO be an encore Post on themed weddings. I just can't keep going on forever. So here you have it... I bet you'd NEVER in a MILLION YEARS guess that someone would actually have a wedding theme like this. The TIVO wedding.


PS - I realized that I didn't do enough cool/pretty themed weddings - so here are a few more!!

A Thai themed wedding. When you have the abillity to incorporate another culture into your wedding - PLEASE do. It's usually FAR from disappointing, and very elegant.

A Tiffany & Co Themed wedding - very elegant, simple... an all around safe and beautiful idea.

Bonus tip: It's a pretty safe bet to Theme your wedding on a Flower - especially if it's a naturally beautiful flower like the Tulip, Rose, or Gerbera Daisy. See examples here:

That's all, Folks!!



April E. :) said...

I am down with the Tiff and Co wedding, especially if all the guests get some jewelry! :) teehee!

Anonymous said...

I know this was posted a while ago. But Thai themed wedding? Don't you just mean Thai Wedding with a western (Euro/American) theme? Because those people ARE Thai (not a themed race you know) and most Thai weddings are still traditional ones, younger generations are now incorporating western themes into them. Way to go.

D.K. said...

The author of this post is a stupid jerk. First of all, good for all of those people for having exactly the kind of wedding THEY wanted and that no one in attendance will ever forget (unlike your thrilling suggestions... a corporation theme! How romantic and unique!).
Second of all, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Robin are not members of the Fantastic Four. I'm not even a comic book geek and I know that.
Third of all, Thai "themed" wedding!?!? WOW.