Friday, July 11, 2008



Ha ha ha - my sister is a hoot. Last night, my little sister was telling us about her SAT scores (1350, BTW... and no, it's NO LONGER out of 1400, so she's still just a bit shy of being a genius - HA!) and so McStudly chimes in, saying "I took the ACTs". My older sister, feeling a big left out, I suppose, decided to quickly throw out "I took the ASVAB!!"

Oh boy was THAT a good laugh. Talk about apples and oranges! We all about wet ourselves...

I'm sure that RIGHT HERE is where she'd want me to point out what she then repeated over and over "But they said I did AWESOME on the Coding section! Really! Out of like 20 questions, i got like 18 or 19 right! They said I was really good!"

Good times... good times...

On the flip side, we had Mom's Day-O-Birth dinner last night, but since her birthday isn't until Monday, I'll jsut wait until then to post anything on it. :-)

"Ps. Manna!! Getcha Manna, Here! Fresh Manna from Heaven! Still Warm!!"


April E. :) said...

Water! Water! Getcha Wat...WINE! Getcha Wine.

oh and btw...your a butthole :)

- Sarah :-) said...

ha ha - but you KNOW you love me!