Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sataaaaan is Under my Feeet...

Sorry 'bout the title there - old school church song flashback. WHOA!!

Okay - but really, don't ever live on bare concrete floors. You may think you're "going green (as McStudly phrases it), butI can tell you from experience - it's SO not fun!!

Here's the story:

Last Thursday, we had an appointment for some people to FINALLY come fix the whole mess in the living room of our house (we are renters, for those of you that are newer). It's been jsut months and months of pulling hair and breaking legs to get things squared away - okay so we haven't broken anyone's legs but we've REALLY felt like doing it at times!!

So FINALLY we get a call saying that someone is coming out to take care of everything - blah blah blah - end of story is FINALLY in sight!! Or so we thought...

The day fell on one of McStudly's few days off, so I was at work while the whole thing was happening. A guy arrives and in broken English tells McStudly that he's "here to replace dee carpet, man" (okay - that was very mean of me... but I won't apoligize yet, becuase it probably won't be the last time I make a comment of that nature in this blog - not to mention it was just a HUGE exaggeration from what actually happened).

So McStudly's liek "Ok great. Come on in!" They start moving stuff around, and he informs my wonderful hubby that they are actually replacing the carpet in the WHOLE house, not just in the living room (which our landlord was pushing for - hence the lack of red flags popping up). SO That's when I get the call to come and take our pup over to Mom's house for the day, to play with look and be out of the way, since there was no where else to keep him while they worked.

Fast forward about an hour.... and I pull up to the house.

McStudly's on the phone sounding not-too-happy. And I step inside to see the progress... JUST in time to see them sliding our couch (YES sliding) along the wooden deck out back!!! They are putting it BACK In the house on top of BARE CEMENT FLOORS!!!

Not ONLY was I like SUPER angry becuase they were actively RUINING my not-so-cheap couch, but they are putting our furniture back in... they aren't even finished!! What, is it lunchtime or something?? Come on people!! Did I SAY you could take a lunch?! (just kidding on that last part... I really was wondering what was going on and WY they were sliding my couch accross a rough wooden deck).

So I step back outside as Kyle gets off the phone. "They're at the wrong house."

Umm... What?!

"They said they're at the wrong house. They've pulled out all of the carpet, and now they have to leave because this isn't the right house for their job today. I've already called the company and tried to figure things out, but I don't really know what's going on, so I need you to call."

How in the WORLD?! No worries... calm down Sarah - they'll jsut be sending the right people over soon and it'll be fine.

*deep breaths*

So I call like EVERYONE and apparently, Seńor read the paper wrong and was taking the carpet out of the WRONG flipping house!!! AND the company didn't even have us on their list for work today. Oh boy the questions just keep PILING up!!

So the landlord is calling the management company, and I'm calling the carpet company...

COME TO FIND OUT - the management company had decided NOT to replace our carpet AFTER finding out it was an expensive carpet, though they had already told us they would replace it. BULL SNOT!!!


It would take several days to even get the carpet IN from Friggin GEORGIA!! My landlord's husband was LIVID!! "They need to drive their[butts] down there RIGHT now and pick it up, then!" Whoa dude... just... whoa.

It all turns out to be a "blessing in disguise" (if I could sound ANY more cliche) becuase if Seńor hadn't read the paper wrong (which by the way the address was COMPLETELY different than ours, no clue HOW that happened...) then we wouldn't be getting new carpet, and the nastiness from the leakage would just be growing and growing and growing. (Lovely thought, isn't it).

SOOOO... that leads me to the hopeful END of the long and drawn-out/painful-as-crud story!!

Today we are getting NEW CARPET!! WOOHOOOOO!!!!! Kyle and I have lived in a house that is COMPELTELY in disaray for 5 days, and it's finally coming to an END!! WOOT WOOT!!

I will get home today and my house will smell of new carpet and love.

Okay - so maybe the love part will be added later, but still - new carpet is a good smell! and a MUCH better smell then musty-grossness, that is a FACT!!

Peace, love, and clean-carpet to all!



April E. :) said...

haha, one of your labels is Senor. haha :)

YEAH for new carpet...and what a blessing in disguise for sure!!

Terri Peters said...

Wow,that is a crazy story. We are going to dinner with friends tonight and I will definitely be telling that story because it is unreal.

Terri Peters said...

Oh, and I sent you an evite to what I think is your work address for the next pottery night.

Kevin Davis said...

Good post, thanks for sharing - you almost lost me with the title. I was like really? But then your reeled me back in. Thanks for the umm...kinda vote -

megsnbigd said...

Naha! Extremely funny! Very sad and awfully frustrating but still, hugely funny! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!