Thursday, July 10, 2008

Poor lil' Sammy

Please pray for little Samuel - a friend of mine's little boy. Last night while he was being fed, they noticed he started making some strange grunting noises, and they seemed to be coming from his chest area. So, His momma called the On call nurse on base and was told to call 911 immediately.

As it turned out - they medivac'd him into Dallas, where they discovered his little heartbeat was up to 240 bpm and rising. At this point, they aren't sure if it's a heart problem, or possibly something else.

Due to his military service, Sammy's daddy can't be with him, right now, but is forced to stay on post and complete whatever mission/task he's assigned with at the moment. Some people don't know how much the military takes of a person's life, and most of you will never understand - even those not deployed have a LOT of responsibility, and are asked a lot of.

Please pray for Sammy and his family - pray for peace among his parents, and his young older sister. And please pray for the doctors and nurses trying to find and resolve his health problems.

Also - this could be a good chance to ask you to pray for military families in general. As I said before, it's not JUST the deployed servicemen and women that are burdened, but every enlisted person, officer, AND every familiy member of these people that are daily effected in some way or another by their self-sacrificing service to this country. Keep all of them in your prayers.



April E. :) said...

Oh I just saw something on Hopkins the other day about this. The little one's heart was racing and they had to shock him to get it back into a regular rhythm. Oh praying for sure! :)

- Sarah :-) said...
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