Monday, July 14, 2008

Laser Taggin'

Saturday - our young adults group went to play Laser Tag at Shadowlands in Columbia. It was definitely a good time!!

Even though I didn't get to play very much, due to a bag pack in ALL 3 GAMES!! It was still a blast!!

Unfortunately, I am TOTALLY feeling it today! I mean Seriously - is all of the pain REALLY necessary?! So I don't exercise regularly... so I'm not in military-like shape... and so I sucked... Do I really need to be punished by this leg buckling pain every time i try to stand up? And do I REALLY need to look like I'm a yo-boy when I just want to walk?!
No - I don't think it's necessary... but tell that to my aching BODY!!
And so - after a fun-filled Taggin' Saturday, I have a few messages I feel that I must pass along to my fellow "taggers" out there:
#1 - this is for all of you 12-year-old-laster-tag-enthusiasts out there: STOP FOLLOWING ME AROUND!!! You are SUCH a FUN STEALER when you follow the helpless girl with the "can't shoot, but can be shot" laser pack on. You SUCK little mean 12 year old! You TOTALLY suck!
2 - this is for the older group out there: ACT YOUR AGE!! Or at LEAST half of it!! I mean if you SERIOUSLY insist on covering your pack so that you can't be shot, then don't get all HUFFY PUFFY on me when I walk up to you and jam my GUN right in your front pack so I can flippin' SHOOT YOU!! COME ON!!
and finally...
#3 - if you are under the age of 15, and you are cussing me out... be afraid... be very afraid. Actually - if you are cussing me out PERIOD, then be afraid, becuase that's when angry Sarah comes out. And you won't like the Hulk when she's angry! So to you, little 9 year old, that cussed me out when I asked you to stop following me... when I told you to "I'm going to pop you in the mouth if you talk to me like that one more time", I thoroughly meant that. Would I have done it? There's no real way to know. But when you told your Mommy that I was mean to you, I couldn't help but notice that you left out the somewhat "small and insignifant" details of why I was mean to you. Could it be that if she had known why, she herself would've popped you in the mouth for it? Again - there's no way to know. But know this... if Mother had been there, and found out I had used the same words as you to speak to even a 45 year old man, I guarantee you I wouldn't be able to talk for a month or more.
Okay. I feel SIGNIFICANTLY better now. And I'm thoroughly aware that I totally and completely sounded like a geek in this blog, but let's be real - we all think it. I'm just gutsy enough to put it out there.
And for you, Echo4... you know who you are. You just remember that if my pack had been working, there's no WAY you would've won all three games of laser tag by at least 2,000 points or more per game. There's no way.
You keep that in mind...


April E. :) said...

Woah...uhm, glad you feel better. I feel a bit awkward. *darn rap music, makes the kids so angry these days.* :)