Thursday, July 31, 2008

Wishin'... and Hopin'... and Thinkin'...

Jeez - again with those random songs, eh?


Tonight, McStudly and I are going house-shopping again. Sometimes I think it would just be easier if you could walk through a store with little mini-models of all of the houses sitting on the shelves like dollhouses - built to scale and made to look exactly like the real thing.

But since it's not, our gas tank is suffering, and we are growing weary.

We had finally found two places that we love love love!!! But since we couldn't decide on one of them, between the two of us, we agreed to keep looking, convinced that we'd find a place we would both be happy with and able to call home.

So here we go again - wish us luck, and pray for patience for our tour guide/Realtor, Sheena.

PS. I'm convinced that Realtors are much more then house-salesmen. They are also tour guides (hence the above statement), marriage counselors, optimists, and very good at pointing out the potential in a home to first-time home buyers (AND we're lucky because our realtor has a built in smell-o-meter that's able to detect the slightest hint of anything, not matter how many glade plug-ins they put in a house). No wonder not just anyone can do it! When McStudly and I start back and forth about a place, she just starts laughing... and it totally takes the tension out of the mix - and I can see why she laughs... we sound ridiculous!

Asta Pasta!



April E. :) said...

Am I wierd then? I LOVED house shopping! haha!

Kevin Davis said...

Good luck - I understand the frustration, but it pays off.