Monday, July 7, 2008

Living Room Decor

SO we're finally at the point where I can start buying decor type stuff for our house - and I'm starting with the room that drives me the MOST nuts!!

And the winner is..... THE LIVING ROOM!!!

Of course! I think this is where most people start.... or in the kitchen, but the kitchen is fine, so here we are in the Living Room - the room that everyone sees (Next will probably be the bathroom!).

This is what I'm thinking for the color scheme:

(please ignore the scary girl in the last picture)

But really, though - these are the colors I want. My couch is a light sage-ish green, and I have wood accents... I need some splashes of a nice red color, and then some more color accents: so I was thinking of going with the light grey/blue color int he first picture, or some oranges which would be PERFECT!!

What do you think?!

AND I need help finding stuff so GO!!! Help a sister out, will ya?! FYI - the living room/entryway are all kind've the same room, so the entryway is included in this color scheme. Also - some of my outdoor wedding pictures go with the color scheme as well (check out my profile picture), so I plan to blow a few up to bigger sizes to hang).

Feedback is MUCH appreciated!!!

And I also have a question for you ladies out there: how involved, if at all, was your hubby/man/boy toy (ha ha) in the decorating of your home? Kyle puts in opinions here and there, and I'm pretty convinced that he really won't care of I hang a little 5" by 10" accent picture on a wall, but he was like "Nope - I don't like it", to which I replied (of course) : "But I do - and I bet you will once I put everything together!" Am I the only one with this problem?


April E. :) said...

Cory and I have some decorating differences and he is very involved. Most of the time I win out, partly because he has been promised nearly the entire basement without a word from me...well maybe a peep or two. I think the color scheme looks great I will start looking around for you. Do we have a name for this style? As our living room is Contemoporary Cottage Chic haha! my own terminology there.

- Sarah :-) said...

Hmm... I wouldn't know where to START naming it. Definitely Country Contempo Casual. Or something like that - how does that sound?

Becuase I do LOVE me some antiques, as long as they are still nice, and I have SO many ideas, but my problems is getting a picture in my head of what I want, and then not finding it. What's Cory's schedule this week?? Are you free to go decor shopping with me one night?

Monica Dawn. said...

I like the 'Burnt Orange' Color! It's like a red-y orange! It's vibrant and pretty without looking outrageous!

I LOVE the idea of a Blown up Wedding Picture in the Hallway RIGHT when you wlak in the Front door!!

I Live alone. And I do what I want!!! So I can't answer the last question. =(

- Sarah :-) said...

Ha ha - that would be nice, when it comes to decorating! ha ha

I wish I had a basement I could give to Kyle... that'd be nice. SOMEDAY HONEY!