Friday, May 1, 2009

"I will Daaance like David Daaannnced"

I was writing, kind've like I do fairly regularly, and discovered that it's looking a bit like David's writing style in Psalms, today. Oh well. What can ya do, right?!

So here it is... my thoughts, as jumbled and mixed up as they were at the time of writing.


When I'm crying in the night
Afraid of what's surrounding me
not knowing when the pain is going to end

When the sin in this world
Becomes thick and almost suffocating
And I hardly feel like I can breathe another breath

I know that even in these times of fear and doubt

You reign.
You’re still seated on the throne.
You reign with power to calm even the raging seas.

There’s none on earth, or above, or below
That could even begin to compare to Your strength and majesty

When I’m not sure that this world is worth it anymore
And I don’t want to deal through the pain
You’re the one who dries my tears and You hold me in Your arms.
You don’t let go.

There’s a peace You give that I can’t explain
And I know I’ll make it through the night, to the next day
The comfort You give is overwhelming
And joy, it overflows within me.

God, my Father, only You can calm my storms.

Nothing, in life or in death, could ever replace Your love.
My desire to know You more and more astounds me every day.

Even when I fail, You never change.
You never move, but to follow me – even into the depths of my sin.
And when I cry out, You’re already there.
Holding and comforting me before the cry even leaves my lips.

You know my heart.
I can keep nothing from You.
You see the good and the shameful,
But You love me still.

How can there be a love so great?
So that even my sin can’t turn You away?

I’ll never understand such a love, but I’ll be forever grateful to You for it.

I love you God, my forgiving, loving Father.
And even if I worked forever, even past this life,
I’ll never be able to comprehend Your love.

But I’ll try, because a love so great is worth everything.
And maybe that’s why You gave Your son – You gave everything, just to prove that to me.

A sinner like me?
Worth Your everything?

I should forever be in your debt, but you’d never allow it.

Your gift of love was just that – a gift.
And now I could never repay you.

But God – I’d love to try.

So I’ll give You my everything.
I’ll try and try to live for You, and none other.

I’m not perfect, by any means, but You see me as spotless, still.

How great a love is that?


Lindsey said...

Great post!!